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About the Italian Motorcycle Club of Tasmania

The origins of the Italian Motorcycle Club can be traced back to June 25 1994. It was initially formed in Launceston and was known as the Ducati Owners Club of Tasmania. Interestingly it soon became apparent that there was a great deal of interest in other Italian brands and these people began riding with the Ducati Club as well.Tasmania is a small state and as a result of this interest and a desire to grow the Club further on January 21 1996 the Club changed its name to The Italian Motorcycle Club to reflect the expanding interests of those riders the Club was now catering for. This name change was a healthy move and as a result Club membership has grown enormously, now regularly averaging about 150 members state-wide. A suitable Constitution was drawn up and the Club became incorporated as a result.We have few meetings. Instead, the Club concentrates on regular rides on the first Sunday of every month, leaving form both Hobart and Launceston to cater for members in each area. However, when meetings are called, the venues are regularly changed to keep proceedings lively and energetic. We also hold mid year year and Christmas dinners for members which are invariably a highlight of the Club’s social calendar. The occasional barbeque and Cryptic Ride are also held to add variety to our activities. The Club has a number of merchandising items for sale (see elsewhere on this site – under Gear and Discounts) and include clothing, badges, stickers, coasters and beanies. All are printed or embossed with our Club logo at very reasonable prices.Over the years the Club has developed a real camaraderie, with a great bunch of people who genuinely care about the Club and its future. As a result many strong and lasting friendships have been formed, resulting in a membership that’s always happy to see each other, provide advice, ride and generally socialise together.

Dangerous riding is actively discouraged and it is expected that we ride respectably (in town limits anyway!) and abide by the Club’s own ‘Code of the Road’ detailed on each membership card. We foster a strong, safe riding policy and emphasise this on the rides and through our quarterly newsletters.

Club information

Membership of the Club is open to Tasmanian based motorcyclists only, as we encourage social and riding activities not just membership itself. Membership has grown significantly over the years. For instance in 2000 there were just 40 0r so members. Today there are around 150.

First timers are encouraged to come along for a familiarisation ride or two and get to know the Club and its members before deciding if they’d like to join up.

Although bikes of Italian origin are obviously the main purpose of the IMC, we also allow membership to those who own non Italian brands as well. We understand that people do change bikes from time to time and that some want to join with the eventual intention of purchasing a hot-blooded Italian beauty at some stage in the future. The only restrictions in this regard are that voting rights and Committee membership are open to owners of Italian bikes only.

The common denominator of course is the love of motorcycling, which is what keeps us together and coming back for more!



Current membership fees are $30 for single membership or $40 for a member and partner. Fees are due annually (after the AGM in March). Upon joining, members receive a membership card (entitling them to discounts at various establishments), a metal Club badge and IMC stickers.

A Club newsletter is produced quarterly and sent to members as an email attachment or as a hard copy if preferred. Because most members have email access, notices and information can be sent out more regularly as required. The last two newsletters are available for viewing on this website.


As mentioned previously members can take advantage of discounts and deals from a variety of businesses

The IMC has connections with a variety of other Clubs, organisations and factories locally and worldwide and members are kept up to date and informed of events and opportunities. Club emails are frequent and advise of upcoming rides, events, wanted to buy/sell and enquiries.


Club merchandise
As mentioned the Club has a variety of good quality merchandise available to members for purchase. A wide variety of items are stocked as you’ll see from the Merchandise page and we add new items regularly.

Rides held first Sunday of the month departing 10.00 am sharp. Meet Kennedy’s Lane, Salamanca, HOBART OR Cafe Blue, Inveresk Railyards, LAUNCESTON.

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