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Recent Stuff: September – October 2014

Great work by Rod Taylor and the other members who participated in the recent Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and fundraiser. A very worthy cause and a fun day – Links to Rod’s IMC webpage and his album of pics is below:


Here’s a great 3 minute video of last month’s Moto Guzzi open house (12 – 14 September 2014) in Mandello del Lario.. I know some of you may be skeptical of Guzzi’s – but bear in mind that some folks say that they are just like Ducatis. Except both the bikes and riders are 40 kg heavier! But I say Forza Guzzi!


One of our IMC NW regulars, Peter Symonds, normally Ducati Monster borne, has had quite an Italian bike adventure this last week. I’ll let his words speak for themselves as he shuttles his newly purchased Piaggio 3 wheeler back to Tassie – from the wastelands of the Northern Territory!!! Pics attached.


Safely ensconced on Port Pirie where I can see the sea!

 Day three started at 7 am and finished at 6.30 pm so a biggy. Marla to Copper Pedy to Port Pirie through some of the most god forsaken land in Australia. Roads as straight as a ruler and as barren as Mars.Really strong wind and hot.  37degrees on the bikes dials. Given its a Piaggio (the same manufactures as that other well known quality brand, the Moto Guzzi which are brought by connoisseurs of italian quality eh James) it must be right.

 I have attached a shot of what I’m sure was the only bend I came across and one of the worlds toughest sheep just past the turn off to Roxby Downs. The thing must eat rocks because there isn’t any thing else. I filled up at the road house at the turn off to Woomera and Roxby Downs and a guy who seemed to be a local (the barmaid knew him) was sitting inside by himself with a Hawthorn footy jumper on watching the Hawks trounce Sydney and nursing a beer. Not a smile on his face. I think he knew what lay outside that door for him at full time.

 Why anyone would want to come out here and live is beyond me. I passed a couple of grizzly old men (probably 25 actually but to much sun) leaning on a old truck outside Cooper Pedy. They probably go into town once a month for supplies and then return to the tailings, scratching out a living. These were probably the kids that failed at everything at school, never had a girlfriend and had strange personal habits. They have retreated underground at Cooper Pedy.

 As I sat on the bike for mile after mile I wondered what it was like around corners. My 1500km journey to date has not really told me much in that department. Something to try out on the way home from the ferry on Tuesday. I do know its a heavier steering feeling and you need to be quite assertive with it. Sharon note this well, you can be as assertive with the bike when you ride it as you are with me.

 An interesting observation from an old fella at Marla who noted after discussing the scooter and why I had got it proclaimed.. ‘So, its your mobility scooter!’ Yeah! The sort that can do 160km pr hour.  I’ll just have to tape the Disabled parking sticker on well!

 I’ve noticed the Piaggio can pull old blokes like iron filings to a magnet. 

 Tomorrow To Melbourne to avoid the rain that¹s coming

 Its been a trip that I can tick off but won’t do again on a bike. Sill its been fun so far


And finally – a lot of exciting bike news out of Italy this month:

The 2015 Moto Guzzi V7 Mk II was announced – complete with new 6 speed gearbox, Anti-lock Brakes, Traction Control and revised engine location for more legroom. If you haven’t tried one of the nuovo V7s, I strongly recommend it – they are a lovely thing and you can certainly surprise some sport bikes when the roads are windy (as they are everywhere here in Van Diemen’s Land of course).

The enormous news out of Bologna is the release of the 796-engined Ducati Scrambler, taking plenty of styling cues from the 60’s Ducati singles. These really look great and I am sorely tempted – link to the Ducati Scrambler website below.

And finally – the big news that the wimpy and underpowered Ducati Panigale 1199 (!) is to be joined by a new 1299, replacing the 1199R in the range. Because well more than 200HP is what we all need!!! Sure to make the Superbike racing more satisfying for the Duc fans!—albeit-by-accident/25550.html


Best regards

Kurt Tuthill

Italian Motorcycle Club Tasmania
“Ride safely, ride well, so tomorrow you may ride again”

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